Organisation Name: 1 Stop

Promotional gifts - givaways, Polo shirts - embroibry - logo 55-70 (no of stitches) can put on anything - min 10 items initial order - polo shirt 7 - 40. Stitcher is perfectionist. Chap based Cheshire 9 yrs. Father = Ian plus sister. Year end - July. Talk end August about website.
  • Address: The Studio
    12 Park Road

  • Town: Bracknell
  • Postcode: RG122LU
  • Map Link:
  • Contact #1: Vicky Miller
    Phone: 01344454311
    Email: Contact #2: Ian Miller
  • Business Category: Promotional Goods supplier, Misc Nondurable Goods Wholesalers
  • Comment:

Tagged under Promotional Goods supplier, Misc Nondurable Goods Wholesalers

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